Your New Lead Capture Page With Video

Our System Will:

  • Contact New Prospects.

  • Subscribe Them to Your Autoresponder.

  • Feed Them New Info to Get Them To Sign Up for Link Up.

We will provide your unique web page with a custom contact form to add your new enrollee to your auto responder.

There is no hosting fee for the web page or additional fees for our video hosting.

Just pay the one time web page setup fee of $39.95.

The auto responder is FREE for the 1st month and $29.95 monthly with 90,000 leads monthly.

Purchase your Lead Capture page to the right. This is a one time purchase of $39.95. Once you have completed your purchase you will be redirected to a page to purchase your autoresponder. The cost for the autoresponder is 29.95 per month.